NI Joins OCIA Consortium to Accelerate Solutions to Climate Change

With a grant of $1 million over four years to the consortium, NI supports research into the effects of climate change on our oceans. Founded in 2021 by OCIA members ADI and WHOI, OCIA’s goal is advancing knowledge of the ocean’s movie review critical role in global environmental health.

NI, a pioneer in the test and measurement space, has committed to using the power of engineering to combat the negative effects of climate change. Through its 100-year plan and Corporate Impact Program, NI has initiatives ranging from zero waste and carbon neutrality to a defined portion of profits being donated.

OCIA is a first-of-its-kind consortium launched to generate new knowledge and accelerate solutions for climate change through a focus on our oceans. WHOI and ADI both recognized the urgent need to understand fundamental ocean processes to predict future climate impact and to inform policies that address it. The industry consortium member companies contribute resources, research capability and in-kind technology to collaborate with WHOI scientists across research innovation hubs. OCIA is intentionally designed to bring together organizations across sectors and areas of expertise to drive collective action and meaningful change.

With NI’s support, OCIA will increase financial assistance to grantees creating technologies that support data collection and improve understanding of the ocean and its role in climate evolution. In addition, the grant from NI will accelerate the development of technologies incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“As engineers who are always seeking the next solution to immense challenges, we know that combining forces with WHOI and Analog Devices supports bold innovations to address climate change,” said Eric Starkloff, chief executive officer at NI. “This initiative fits into our goal of helping to engineer a healthy planet by using data and measurement to drive deeper knowledge.”

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